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About me

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the wellness space. I LOVE seeing others shine and am passionate about helping my clients create a life that is in alignment with their vision.

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The story of my Evolution from the Unknown to the Knowing….where do I begin?

I grew up fearing abandonment. I grew up feeling abandoned. I couldn’t understand why I felt so ‘detached’ from others.

I knew I was different though. I knew I ‘viewed’ the world differently. Ever curious and ready to explore and push the boundaries, I went from one adventure to another and met some phenomenal people on the way. A serial entrepreneur, I believed in giving things a go and not leaving this world with regret. Sometimes a very lonely journey because not many saw the absolute joy in how you could feel when you made a decision and just went for it. Many things failed. Many things succeeded and in the process I got to become so centered and strong in whom I was becoming that it didn’t matter what others thought.

At the age of 13, I had my first paid job as a babysitter, which allowed me to interact with others on an entirely different level, I instantly grew up having to look after others. A love of Swimming got me through my Primary Years and I was a ‘fish’ in the water and spent every day frolicking in the local swimming pool. High School was definitely not for me and by the age of 15 and a half, I left school and went into full-time work as a Secretary & Librarian. Although a nice ease into the work environment I was still very sheltered. 3 Years later I discovered how dynamic and fun the Mining Industry was and how earning big dollars gave me even more opportunities to grow, learn and explore. From running Roadhouses, Manager Pubs, Leasing a Caravan Park whilst travelling Australia I found my way back to Perth and wanted to dig deeper into helping others and choose a career in Beauty Therapy. I was in my element, making others feel good, and after graduating and being flat broke again from having to pay my own way ( which I did in all my ventures), a Mining stint allowed me to build by funds back up. I was never without a job. I had such a good rapport with my ex-bosses from various jobs all I had to do was ring up and ask, willing to work in any capacity, even if it meant getting up at 3.30am to work in camp kitchens and peeling hundreds of kilos of carrots a day, or working as an Explosive Tech in the bottom of the Pit in central northern Australia in 54 degree heat.

At the age of 23, the man I fell in love with and had moved in together with, was killed in a car accident.

I was lost and very sad. He had taught me how a true gentleman was. He taught me deep love. He showed me who I got to be in a relationship. He was a magnificent man and I honour all he was. It was a turbulent time in my life. I felt lost and again abandoned. I made some silly decisions. I also made decision’s that would change the trajectory of my life.

My Beauty & Massage skills were always my back-up to earn an extra dollar and even when I was on the mines, I would do mobile massage just to keep the ‘connection’ massage gave me, feeding my soul and making others feel good. Between working as an Underground Miner, Machine Operator, Bus Driver, Courier Driver, Cleaner, Child Care Worker over many years I fell in love again and married a man whom was the next chapter of my life that lead to having 2 beautiful cherubs, a successful Day Spa and a few different homes, with us finally residing just our of Yallingup, Western Australia in our custom built, gorgeous home. 13 years we were wed. 7 of those were good, great sometimes. 6 of those were very tough. Emotionally. Financially. I could see a familiar pattern unfolding. One I had witnessed in my own parents marriage. One of disconnection. Sadness. Stress. Loveless. Ruled by finances. I longed for my a husband to just respect himself, respect me. I laid awake many many nights visualising him to be more connected, simplify and be grateful for all nature and good health and great conversation had to offer. To be proud of his appearance, take care of his health and notice my beauty. I longed to feel my own self worth again.

After many years of weaving through deep loneliness and heartache, of totally separating myself from SELF, I made a decision. A decision to ‘Break the Cycle’.

I asked for a Divorce and because I was broke and broken I could see no way out. But, I knew it would require a massive amount of courage. Something we all have to make the change. I was rescued by family and they helped me establish myself in a new place and between my full-time work as a Beauty Therapist and some occasional Pharmacy work I barely made ends meet BUT nothing equated to the feeling of finding myself again.

I learnt to Love Myself first and it is from this place of total empowerment and knowing that I got to understand what I had made ‘abandonment’ mean and by reprogramming my brain to be, act, feel, hear differently, then the fairy-tail romance began and my Divine Life evolved….

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