Mentoring & Soul Alchemy
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Your greatest superpower is CHOICE!

In every moment you have the choice in deciding how you think, feel, hear, respond, comment, believe!

I created Calibrate 1-1 Mentoring for the Woman or Man who is feeling unseen, unheard, unknown and help you SEE that you are magnificent in all you BE.

Welcome Divine Soul

Calibrate 1-1 Mentoring will transform your life.  

When you choose to calibrate to something or someone that omits the frequency you desire whether it be more success, a more full-filling relationship, happiness, ultimate health and wellness, just in that one decision you already set the frequency in motion.  By you making this choose then taking the action and embodying this higher frequency will start the process of true transformation.

Having a Mentor whom has had the life experiences that have led to lasting transformation like myself,  helps elevate you quicker and collapses time by keeping you accountable, aligned and motivated.

My belief is your cannot create from a place you are not already at, so let’s do this together and know that you can Be, Do, Have it All.

These are the current options to work with me/us:

Option 1 – Access to Align within session –  discovering your souls purpose, why your here, what has been keeping you stuck, finding the answers to those unanswered questions of “what is my purpose?”, “is there all there is for me?”, “why do I keep repeating the same patterns?”

Book here : Access to Align within

Option 2 –  Calibrate 1-1 Mentoring  –  a 60 minute call to take you to the next level in your life, business, relationship, wellness journey.

Book here  :  Calibrate 1-1 Mentoring

Option 3 – Nectar – for those who want the results NOW – 8 days, 24/7 unlimited Access. 2 x 1-  (please see page Nectar)

Book Here  :  Nectar

Option 4  –  The Nectar Experience  –  Luxury 1-1 VIP Retreat – Application only

Option 5  –  Calibrate 2-2 Relationship Mentoring  –  Application only  –  a 28 day Transformational Sacred Journey for your Relationship with The Diver and The Dame.

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