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The Nectar Experience

A Divine 1-1 VIP Luxury Retreat

Nothing is off limits

Application process applies

This is for YOU if you desire to quantum leap, collapse time from where you operate from, mentally, physically, spiritually to becoming fully aware and present to you Magical Essence – Your Nectar, which is your birthright of being a successful, empowered, healthy, loving, vibrant WOMAN!

What does being activated and aligned look like in your life?

You needing someone in your court? We create strong Boundaries.

Ready to change your thought process? We change the way you Think.

Learn how to be able to handle any life situation that is thrown at your with ease, grace and support. We ignite your Magical Essence so you have a beautiful balance of Feminine & Masculine energies.

You are ultimately,

Magic on Legs

Nectar  – 8 days to totally Ignite, Activate & Embody your most desired self.

This intense yet intentional process is not for those whom like to sit and contemplate.  Nectar is about discovering your soul’s purpose and genius and putting you right into the heart of your dream vision, goal, desire by collapsing time, re-wiring your belief’s and quantum leaping your success.

This 4 step process begins with

  1. an Access to Align within session, sharing the messages of your Soul that come through me, for you to put you on your true path of alignment.
  2. breakdown and breakthrough the limiting beliefs of what has kept you stuck or feeling like there is something more to life.
  3. rewire and recreate what your desired life is and place yourself IN IT through a powerful process of Believing before Seeing.
  4. learn daily devotional practices that are quick, potent and intended to allow you to honour yourself first and live with more clarity, calm and conviction.

You will be given access to me in your ‘back pocket’ 24/8 in the entirety which means we get to address in the NOW any feelings, thoughts, emotions that arise, so we re-train the brain to a new belief system. There are daily 20 minute Calibrating Calls, if required, to keep you accountable, with a longer session on Day 4, with a final session on the 8th day.  I intentionally sit in my sacred space as a powerful Soul Alchemist & Activator to share daily downloaded messages directly channeled for you known as “Whisper in your Ear’.   These are sent to you in Voxer as are Daily Affirmations sent directly to your inbox to keep you on track and motivated.

Nectar allows you to tap into the new paradigm of Breaking the Cycle of old programming, beliefs, coding that does not belong in the your new way of being.  You will transform before your very eyes and feel abundantly alive and well and truly on your path to live a life you desire and dream of.

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