NO love is more important than the love you give yourself
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NO love is more important than the love you give yourself

NO love is more important than the love you give yourself

I saw my first spirit standing at the end of my bed when I was 23.

It was the night before the funeral of my magnificent man & partner Dave.

It was him💫

I held my breathe, double blinked, sat up straight and he was gone! I started crying again and my already broken💘 heart, disintegrated that a bit more. Come back, please come back…..It was at this time I also discovered the healing power of Reiki. In honouring Dave I wanted to speak how it was HE who showed me what a true gentleman was! A KING 👑to me his QUEEN👑 We had such a delicious union. Although it was only months of being together, we had moved in together and we were talking ‘future’.He was killed on his way home to me!Seeing him that night at the end of my bed coincided with me receiving a Reiki session, given to me from his mum, a healer, whilst I was staying with them the night before his burial. I was travelling in the lead hurse with the other family members the next day.The session was POWERFUL and this combined with seeing Dave’s spirit confirmed my ultimate inner desire to HELP others. I studied to my Masters level in Reiki, and implemented it into my repitoire of Natural Therapy modalities in my Beauty Therapy career.I learnt a lifetime of love in the time we were together.So much so, when I had consoled my grief, I became highly intuitive and also very CLEAR in💞 I KNEW nothing was permanent long time, short time make the most of every situation.💞

NO love is more important than the love you give yourself – it all begins with SELF.💞 NO-one or NO-thing has power over you ▪︎ we all have choice in how view LIFE.Dave is always with me. He helps give me clarity when I ASK for help and guidance. He is there when I need protection.

I KNOW his life was not in vain but a magnificent reflection of us understanding if you allow yourself the grace to LOVE, you will never be ALONE💜.


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