Release with Sacred Musk
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Release with Sacred Musk

Release with Sacred Musk

The Pyramid Texts of Saqqara—believed to be the oldest religious writings in the world—detail Seven Sacred Oils, one of which is Egyptian Musk Oil.

Referenced within the texts as the ‘Spleen of Hathor’ genuine musk oil contains approximately 20% muscone from the deer musk and other pure oils such as Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Rose oil, Cedarwood, Musk seed oil, and Amber. The Egyptian Neter Hathor embodies the concepts of love, joy, femininity and fertility. She is related to the spleen and sacral naval chakra—the survival center—because they are mostly associated with the realm of emotion, sexual desire, and opening the self up to the energies of our true feelings.

Musk Oil’s Connection to the Sacral Chakra / Survival Center.

The sacral chakra powers and controls numerous emotional energies, and when imbalanced emotions such as fear, insecurity, self-worth and sexual desires can become dominant in one’s life. The Egyptians believed that the health of the human body’s glands was vital to the health of the individual as a whole, and that each hormone secreted by these glands assist one in living as a ‘fully activated human.’ Musk oil’s relation to the spleen is a perfect example of the importance the ancients placed on using aromatherapy for healing the mind, body and spirit.

Mental and Emotional Benefits of Musk Oil

Science has backed many of the emotional benefits of musk oil that are primarily attributed to the presence of muscone, which has a profound effect on one’s psychological state. According to studies, muscone seems to have a sedating effect that helps relieve anxiety, stress and irritated behaviors. It is used within aromatherapy circles to promote clarity, calmness and help individuals heal from emotional trauma in the present and the past. As the sacral chakra is balanced, many feel free of insecurities, fear, anger and sway away from previous manipulative tendencies.

Metaphysical and Spiritual Benefits of Musk Essential Oil

Musk oil is often used as an aromatherapy to purify and cleanse the energy amid sacred spaces before meditation, yoga or inner reflection periods to increase awareness of the sacral chakra and allow for greater clarity and focus. It’s also called upon to bring users greater understanding of the female and male divine connection and the importance of maintaining Yin Yang balance. Musk essential oil can help one feel more grounded and secure about life in general, going about their day with an elevated spirit as regular use of the oil helps heal and restore the inner child. This powerful aroma is excellent for helping users pass through fears and embrace self love and understanding.

Credit : Stephanie Lucas

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